Angling at Oranjeville

The contour map below gives an indication of the depth of the dam for the area surrounding Oranjeville.  The closer the contour lines are to one another the steeper the incline i.e deeper water.  The area against the shoreline, marked in yellow on the map is municipal ground and is open for anglers to utilise, at no cost.  It must however be noted that this area has no amenities at all (no ablutions or fresh running water).  At this point in time it is relatively safe to overnight in this area.

Another piece of good angling water in the town is that of the Oranjeville Holiday resort.  The resort allows for camping (tents and/or caravans), has its own rondawels that can be rented and allows for day visitors as well.  The resort is extremely well maintained and has full modern ablution facilities and a swimming pool.  The resort is situated at the end of Bird Street (see map below)

Fish species that can be caught around Oranjeville is Carp (Common and Mirror), Grass Carp, Barbel, Mudfish, Yellowfish and Black Bass.

Anglers that need to purchase angling tackle, dips, ground bait and miscellaneous angling requirements will find that the town has a well stocked angling shop and various angling items can also be purchased at the Oranje Supermarket. 

There are several shops in town that stock firewood, ice, cool drinks etc. basically all  the goods that a typical camper would need.

See accommodation page for more detail regarding places to stay.
Countour map of Oranjeville fishing shoreline

Oranjeville Hengel

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