Welcome to Oranjeville
a small town on the banks of the Vaal Dam in the Free State province of South Africa.
Old Wagon

Our History

Oranjeville started as a place (drift) where wagons would cross the Wilge river en route from the town of Frankfort to the highveld coal fields.  It later transformed to become a stopover for travelers moving between Heilbron, Frankfort and Vereeniging. Travellers would often be forced to stop over for periods of up to two weeks when the Wilge river became impassable due to flooding.  Hawkers from outlying areas saw this as an opportunity to peddle their goods to travellers camping along the river bank, and business subsequently started to thrive at this particular campsite.
Oranjeville is best known for it's water related sports and activities, which include Angling, Swimming, Water Skiing, Canoeing, Sailing and Bird Watching.  Angling is traditionally the most popular of water sports undertaken and includes both recreational and competitive angling.
Sunset on Vaal Dam

Vaal Dam...

The Vaal Dam is undoubtedly the towns claim to fame. Most visitors to the town come for watersport activities. Read more about the dam...


The town forms part of the Metsimaholo local municipality. Read more to have an understanding of the municipalities functioning...


The town has cold dry winters and moderate wet summers. Read more...


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Oranjeville Fishing

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