Fishing, Swimming, Water Skiing, Canoeing, Sailing, Bird Watching and Hunting

Fishing and Angling - the town has approximately two kilometers of shoreline, belonging to the municipality, which can be utilised at no cost.  There are however no ablutions and fisherman should keep this in mind when day-visiting or overnighting in this area.  Shops are however within walking distance from the shoreline.  An alternative to camping on the shoreline is to utilise the numerous accommodation facilities available in town i.e. hotel, B&B and self catering units.  There is a demarcated area specifically for the launching of motor boats, also at no cost.  See the Angling menu option for more detail.

Swimming - visitors can utilise the vast expanses of the dam for swimming.  Alternatively, there is a swimming pool available at the Oranjeville Holiday Resort which visitors, not residing in the holiday resort, can utilise at a nominal fee.

Canoeing - there is a vast expanse of water available around the town for canoeists.

Water Skiing - the municipal waterfront area has a boat launching site which can be utilised at no cost.  There is a vast area of water available around the town for water skiing as well as an area consisting of a few square kilometers of open water within minutes of the launching site, allowing for several boats to be active at any time without crowding.

Sailing - The Vaal Dam is known to be in a windy area of the Free State Province and there is therefore no shortage of wind for sailing enthusiasts.  The only drawback is the steel bridge that crosses the dam on the outskirts of the town, which limits sail boats to be on only one side of the bridge at any given time.  There is however a huge area of water available regardless of which side of the bridge the sail boat is.

Bird Watching - Several species of aquatic and land birds can be found in and around the town.  The town attracts many different species due the availability of trees and shrubbery taking into account that the area around the town is mainly grassland and farmland.

Hunting - Hunting estates are available within close proximity of the town, having their own accommodation if required by hunters.  Game available to hunters is wildebeest, impala, blesbok

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